Premier Floats Loaded Vaned Pencil

Premier Floats Loaded Vaned Pencil

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Premier Floats Loaded Pencil

Premier Floats Loaded Pencil

Premier Floats Loaded Vaned Pencil

- These are loaded vaned pencils floats
- Easy to cast with as they are pre-loaded
- The vane gives them stability
- They will drift to cover a larger area
- Popular float for fishing in large lakes and rivers
- Finished in green stain with red tops
- Available sizes: No.1, No. 2 and No. 3

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Premier Floats Loaded Vaned Pencil
Premier Floats Loaded Vaned Pencil, If you’re a predator angler who struggles to control a pencil float, both on the cast and once it is in the water, but you love the versatility it gives you, then you’ll love the Premier Floats Loaded Vaned Pencil.

It is Premier Floats most stable pencil float to date.

The loading on the float has been precision engineered in order to ensure that it provides stability in all the right places without upsetting the delicate balance of the float.

Field testing by expert anglers, as well as months of experimentation, has ensured that you can be confident that this float will cast like a dream.

In order to allow the float to drift over the water, enabling you to cover a wide area with just one float rather than over crowding the water with multiple floats, the Premier Floats Loaded Vaned Pencil has been fitted with a small vane.

This adds additional stability to the float – acting like the tail of spod rocket on the cast in order to ensure that you can reach further on larger venues.

In fact, this is an ideal float to use if you enjoy predator fishing on the larger lakes and rivers that the UK has to offer.

As with many of the floats in Premier Floats’ range, the Loaded Vaned Pencil is finished in a green stain.

This ensures that it is practically invisible when viewed from under the water.

A fluorescent red top ensures that you can see even the smallest movements on this float from the furthest distances – even when the light conditions are not on your side.

This enables you to detect bites quickly and accurately, allowing you to capitalise and strike on each take.

This float is available in three sizes, from the smallest number one to the largest number three, in order to give you maximum versatility with your choice of with your choice of bait.

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