Korda Large Rig Safe

Korda Large Rig Safe

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Korda Ready Tied Chod Rigs - Barbed

Korda Ready Tied Chod Rigs - Barbed

Korda Large Rig Safe

- The ultimate rig storage system
- Store pre-tied rigs of 12 inches or longer
- It will hold up to 90 rigs, thanks to one side
- Featuring double-ended storage
- Clever magnetic locking system
- Will never come open accidentally during transit
- Very easy to open when you want to, even with cold hands
- Specially machined, ridged aluminium bar
- Designed to retain the hooks and keep them razor sharp
- Supplied with 30 standard pins
- High density foam inner prevents tangles
- It is made from high impact plastic
- Finished in soft-touch rubber
- Outside is marked up to 12 inches or 30 cm
- Tie your rigs to the exact length that you require

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Korda Large Rig Safe
If you’re an angler who likes to use longer rigs or you simply like to have a little extra storage space then you need the Korda Large Rig Safe.

In many ways this is the ultimate rig storage system and it offers a huge amount of storage space that is perfect for rigs of 12 inches or longer.

This is ideal for the angler who likes to be prepared on the bank as you can pre-tie your rigs at home, ready for use when the moment calls for them.

It ensures that you can enjoy maximum bankside versatility and you never have to worry about arriving on the bank only to realise you’re missing one vital component of your killer terminal tackle setup.

The Korda Large Rig Safe can hold more pre-tied rigs than you will ever need in a session, thanks to the inclusion of double ended storage on one end of the rig safe which ensures tangle-free storage up to 90 rigs.

What’s more, Korda Large Rig Safe also features a ridged aluminium bar – which can be found on all models of the Korda Rig Safe.

This has been specially machined by the team at Korda in order to allow you to retain your hooks and keep them sharper than a razor until you’re ready to use them.

However, not only does it keep your hooks in tip top condition but it has also been designed in such a matter as to retain the shape of your rig – for example if you rig with a curved shrink tube kicker it will keep its shape provided it is stored in a point upwards manner.

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