Korda Dark Matter Tungsten Tubing

Korda Dark Matter Tungsten Tubing

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Korda Safe Zone Shrink Tube

Korda Safe Zone Shrink Tube

Korda Dark Matter Tungsten Tubing

- Soft & Supple - always follows the lake bed contour
- Super high density - always stays at the bottom
- Easy to thread
- Fits all Korda tail rubbers & clips
- 0.75mm bore
- Supplied in length of 2mtrs
- Available in Gravel Brown, Weed Green & Silt

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Korda Dark Matter Tungsten Tubing
Getting the perfect presentation on your venue bed has to be the number one priority for all carp anglers out there.

After all, at the end of the day, no matter how much effort you put into the design of your rig and the type of carp bait you’re using, if your rig isn’t lying properly after your cast then you’re never going to be able to achieve that personal best capture.

The team at Korda understand that you need to be able to be completely confident in your rig from the moment you begin your cast to the moment it settles on your venue bed.

This is why Tom Dove, head of product development, worked hard with his team to create rig components which performed in a uniform manner across a variety of venues – ensuring that you could be completely confident in your rig presentation cast after cast.

This Korda Dark Matter Tungsten Tubing has been designed in order to ensure just that.

Korda's Tubing joins a whole host of tungsten impregnated products in the Korda Dark Matter rig bits series.

Tungsten is an ultra-dense material which is used throughout the range in order to pin your tackle firmly to the venue bed – ensuring that it falls through the water column quickly and is held in the perfect position throughout your session.

In this tubing, the tungsten base has been combined with a soft and supple construction, ensuring that it can hug the contour of the lake bed – camouflaging your line against the venue floor whilst also nailing it into the ideal position for the duration of your time on the bank.

One of the biggest benefits of this Tungsten Tubing is how easy to thread it is.

Traditionally, tubing products have been a bit of a nightmare for your on-bank rig construction, as threading the tubing can be incredibly difficult on the bank.

However, this Dark Matter Tubing has been designed with an increased bore, so the central cavity in the tubing is 0.75mm wide.

This ensures that you can comfortably slide even the highest breaking strain braids or fluorocarbons through the tubing – making rig construction quick and simple.

As a top tip, Korda recommends using dry line to construct your rigs, as this will slide through the tubing more easily than wet line.

The Dark Matter Tubing has also been designed to fit all Korda tail rubbers and clips, ensuring that you can achieve your dream Korda rig.

The Korda Dark Matter Tungsten Tubing has been designed in three colours.

These colours complement the three most popular venue beds in the UK, ensuring that you can perfectly camouflage your rig in the water.

Whether you need tubing which is weed green, gravel brown, or a silt, Korda has accommodated for all scenarios in this range.

All three colours come supplied in 2m lengths and the tubing is easy to cut to the length that you require for your rig.

Whether you’re fishing at distance and you don’t want to worry about any drift pulling your rig off course, you’re fishing with lots of clips and leads which you need to be smoothed out to avoid catches, or you’re slack line fishing and want to ensure that your gear is sinking through your venue bed rapidly then you need look no further – the Korda Dark Matter Tungsten Tubing is ideal for you.

It really had set a new benchmark for tubing. Perfect for use with most presentations, ideal for venues that don’t allow you to use leaders and super heavy for ultra-speeding sinking, this tubing will soon become a tackle box essential for all your carp fishing.

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