Guru Loaded Pellet Waggler Float

Guru Loaded Pellet Waggler Float

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Guru Loaded Pellet Waggler Float

- Made from 10mm quality balsa wood
- Natural finish to not spook fish
- Flight gives stable, accurate casting
- Disk-shaped brass weight
- Flight sight markers are fluorescent coloured
- 1 float provided per pack

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Guru Loaded Pellet Waggler Float
The Guru Pellet Waggler is ideal for fishing shallow with pellets and similar baits when the fish are up in the water column.

The streamlined, weighted design casts extremely well and can be fished at long range.

The loaded pellet waggler compromises of a 10mm balsa wood body, with a carbon stem centre, and a brass weight base with a swivel.

The float is finished with a high vis flighted cap (may be orange or yellow) at the top to provide stable, accurate casts and still be highly visible, even at long range.

The balsa body is left unpainted to provide a subtle, natural colour finish to avoid spooking fish but is finished with a tough, durable varnish coating.

The carbon stem down the centre provides extra strength.

The brass base loads the float perfectly, so no need to mess around with locking shot and incorporates a moulded brass disk to stop the float diving on the cast and spooking fish.

This is much more durable than similar plastic disks available on other floats.

The free rolling swivel on the base helps prevent line twist through constant casting and retrieving.

The float is best locked in place with float stops and can be fished with Guru’s waggler adaptors and super tight line stops.

One supplied per pack.

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