Shakespeare Deluxe Rucksack Chair-Procastangling

Shakespeare Deluxe Rucksack Chair

Chub Screw-On Gas Stove-Procastangling

Chub Screw-On Gas Stove

Shakespeare Seat Box

- All new design
- Made from high quality durable filled-polypropylene
- Extra deep lid for additional storage
- Unique twin catch style locking system
- Improved water resistance
- Available in 2 colours
- Black or Blue
- 1x Seatbox
- 1x Shoulder Strap
- Depth at Top: 38cm
- Depth at Bottom: 31cm
- Width at Top: 52cm
- Width at Bottom: 46cm
- Height: 40cm

As low as £81.99
Only %1 left
The Shakespeare Seatbox is the most affordable, full-spec match angling accessory you'll ever need, giving you a durable polypropylene base with an extra deep storage lid that gives you all the room you'll need for your tackle, accessories, and bait, and featuring a unique, twin catch locking system.

This is a great entry level seatbox that can easily accommodate the average tacklebox, and is available in stylish choice of blue or black, allowing you to choose the box that suits your look.

Improved water resistance creates a longer-lasting seat box that can handle any fishing conditions, giving you the confidence and comfort you need to start your journey to match fishing success.

If you're looking to get off to a good start in match fishing, without blowing your budget, then this Shakespeare seat box gives you a basic piece of kit that's still packed with everything you need, at a price you can afford.

It might not be the best seatbox at the venue, but it will almost certainly represent the best value, and makes a great choice for junior anglers.

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