Fox Rage Predator Deadbait Oil & Air Kit-Procastangling

Fox Rage Predator Deadbait Oil & Air Kit

JRC Defender Shelter-Procastangling

JRC Defender Shelter

JRC Defender Hi-Recliner Armchair

- Robust high-tensile steel frame
- Multi-adjustable recliner system
- Comfortable arm rests
- Fully adjustable long legs with locking system
- Swivel and fold flat mud feet
- Durable polyester cover
- Filled with high density foam
- Weight 6.4kg
- Length: 92cm
- Height: 95cm
- Width: 56cm

Designed around a robust, high-tensile steel frame, this armchair features a multi-action recliner system, effortlessly enabling you to find your perfect position, and optimise the comfort, support, and convenience of the JRC Defender fishing chair. Comfortable arm rests ensure total relaxation and support, whether you’re tying rigs, chopping bait, or just sipping a crafty bankside brew.

Featuring a multi-adjustable recliner system that allows you to quickly and easily set your chair up in the position that best suits you and your fishing style, this fishing armchair is the ultimate in style, comfort, and practicality.
One of the portfolio of brands under the Pure Fishing title, and part of the Shakespeare stable of tackle and equipment, JRC have come a long way from their bedchair beginnings, and have built a reputation for reliable, practical, and stylish fishing equipment.

If you’re looking for a fishing armchair that can handle shifting, muddy bank conditions, you’ve found it in the JRC Defender Armchair. Featuring swivelling mud feet, which effortless counter any slip or slide in the ground to anchor firmly on all terrains and in all conditions, this chair also features fully adjustable legs with a locking system that ensures complete stability on the most uneven and rugged of swims

Filled with high density foam inside a durable polyester cover, this is a hard wearing, comfortable armchair that offers complete functionality whatever your fishing style, and wherever you frequently find yourself in terms of swim action.
Their challenge to anglers, “expect more”, is one they never fail to live up to, exceeding even the most demanding expectations, thanks to the passion and expertise that fuels this brand’s drive to offer a bigger and better range of equipment for anglers of every discipline.

Whether you’re fishing a short session under a bankside brolly, or setting up for a longer stay in a full-feature bivvy, the JRC Defender Armchair is a simple, comfortable and lightweight way to enhance your angling experience, and make the swim your new home from home. Expect more from this dedicated carp range: you won’t be disappointed.

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