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Fox Rage Crimping Pliers

- Essential for building well constructed rigs
- The perfect cut, no more flat ends
- Comfortable ergonomic rubber handles
- Length: 6.5 inches

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Nothing really beats the satisfaction of getting that great catch with a rig made by your very own hands. A self-made rig is done the way you like, and adds a level of pride to that feeling of success when you get that dream catch. For those anglers who want their rigs to be to standard, the Fox Rage Crimping Pliers are a high quality, durable tool that you’ll be glad to have with the rest of your tackle.

Good connections are essential for all rigs. It doesn’t matter if you use steel, Kevlar, mono or fluorocarbon - the fish is lost if your rig breaks. For this reason predator experts always crimp their rigs and with the correct sized sleeve, crimped by the right pliers, you get a safe connection that guarantees almost 100% of the linear breaking strain of the rig material. Due to the shape of the pliers, as well as the five pressure points, the sleeve is not stressed and is squeezed only in the middle leaving the two ends protruding with no sharp edges, so there’s no need to worry about your rig ever again! One tip worth noting is to put your rig material twice through the sleeve to get the best breaking strain.

If you want your rigs to be well constructed, look no further than the Fox Rage Crimping Pliers. Specifically made to cut through a variety of materials, you can be sure that whatever your preferred rig, this will deliver. With this set of pliers, you’ll be well on your way to making a rig that will serve its purpose beautifully when the time comes to take it out of the rig wallet.

A bad cut with your rig and you may well have to start the whole process all over again. Rig line can be your best friend or worst enemy, so it’s important to have a set of pliers that can give it a clean cut in the right place at the right time. These particular pliers deliver the perfect cut, so get ready to say goodbye to those flat ends! Now you can consistently cut your line to the right length, and quickly and easily clip away those annoying tag ends at the end of your knots, with no hassle, no bother.

If you’re making your rig in a hurry, a good pair of pliers is next to pointless if you can’t grip them properly to use them! With the Fox Rage Crimping Pliers, you’ve got a hardy pair of rubber handles as well as a great pair of pliers to cut your rig to standard. These easy to hold handles are comfortably ergonomic and are sure to make you a very satisfied user.

This product can be considered an investment, one that will last you many years of building up your skill at making that perfect rig to get that dream catch! This is a pair of super tough pliers to withstand years of use, with the handles providing both comfort and sufficient grip for you. Measuring up at 6.5 inches, these practical pliers are neither too large to be properly effective, nor too small to risk being lost, but just right.

Fox Rage is a stellar brand with a well-earned reputation for delivering products that guarantee effective results, and with this set of pliers, you’re sure to see the reason for their reputation! Boasting a simple, economic size whilst still delivering a powerful cut, with rubber handles for grip and comfort this set of pliers is guaranteed to make anglers grateful for their purchase.

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