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Fox Collection Black / Orange T-shirt

Wychwood Extricator 5000FD Reel

- Micro-pitch, multi-disc drag
- Anti-twist line roller
- Magnesium body
- Matte Black Finish
- Aluminium spool
- Dark wooden handle
- Line capacity:
- 0.28/300m - 0.30/237m - 0.35/173m

This compact reel offers the casting benefits of a large spool and clinical line lay, yet remains brilliantly compact, ideal for stalking, surface fishing, and all close to medium range work. Not only will this be a perfect companion to the Wychwood Extricator range of rods, it will also more than suit the needs of specialist anglers, as well as committed carp enthusiasts.

With clean, understated, retro looks, including a matte black magnesium body, chrome coloured spool, and dark wooden handle, this reel doesn’t just perform to the highest of standards, it also looks the part, giving you complete confidence on any venue.

Cosmetics aside, this reel is a full-featured reel that brings you top end performance at an affordable price. One complete turn of the micro-pitch, multi-disc drag takes the Extricator 5000FD from free spool tension to a fighting drag, giving you the sensitivity you need to bring in smaller specimens, and more cautious carp, with the power to handle a fish that’s decided to show you exactly what it’s made of.

Tested to the extreme, this is a reel that’s been proven to deliver, with exceptional cranking power, a smooth retrieve in every situation, and fantastic line lay, all coming together to set any angler up for success.

Perfect for all your carp angling needs.

If you’re looking for an affordable reel that can handle the demands of the full remit of carp and specimen situations, then the Wychwood Extricator is a good option to go for, giving you the power and performance you need, at a price that’s well worth a second look.

With a smooth drag system ensuring effortless retrieves, and a clinical line lay that puts your bait where you want it, every cast, this is a reel that’s designed for success, and geared to anglers of all abilities.

Affordable performance.

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