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Gehrkes Gink Fly Float

Snowbee XS Floating Fly Line

- Designed in the UK
- Best British fly lines ever made
- High quality fly lines
- Exclusive coating process
- Lowest-friction
- Lowest memory
- Outstanding shootability

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All Snowbee fly lines are designed in the UK and are recognised by top professionals everywhere, as truly world-class and arguably the best British fly lines ever made.

The Snowbee success story in the development of high quality fly lines continues unabated. Ask a large majority of UK anglers, which lines they use and chances are they’re already using a Snowbee.

By using a computer controlled production system we are able to incorporate minute changes to fly line profiles to meet the very precise demands of today’s modern fly fishers.

Add to this the unique Snowbee ‘high performance’ and exclusive coating process and you have a fly line with the slickest finish, lowest-friction & lowest memory characteristics you’ll find anywhere - the envy of our competitors.

The long standing flagship of the range, the original Prestige, no frills and without doubt still one, if not the best floating fly line available today.

Its unique combination of ultra-low friction coating, superbly balanced profile and outstanding shootability, makes this a fly line which enhances the performance of the world’s best fly rods and brings out the best in casters of every ability.

Also included in this range is the Snowbee XS Floating line in a Double Taper profile. This line is ideal for the traditional angler who is ideally doing delicate spider and dry fly fishing in particular.

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