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Preston Offbox 36 Pro Feeder Arm

- Snap Lok Dutch Master Feeder Rest
- OffBox 36 Adaptability
- Dual Fixing points
- Anti-Snag hand wheels
- Inserts supplied: 25mm Round, 23mm OnBox
- Dimensions: L 820mm x W 575mm

Availability: Out of stock
A Dutch master feeder rest that features Preston’s Snap Lok system, allowing you to easily attach to your seat box and other OffBox accessories, the Preston OffBox 36 Dual Feeder Arm includes dual fixing points and anti-snag hand wheels, giving you an effective, versatile rod rest that comes supplied with 25mm round inserts, and 23mm OnBox inserts.

This is an easy-to-adjust seat box accessory that has been designed and developed with input from England Feeder Team Manager Tommy Pickering, who rates this feeder arm as the best he’s used. With that level of endorsement behind the Preston OffBox 36 Pro Feeder Arm should be top of your tackle list, whether you’re coarse fishing on rivers and canals, or match fishing on commercial lakes.

The ideal accessory for the coarse and match angler, this feeder rest allows you to set your feeder rod up, and get on with your other bankside tasks.

When a practical, versatile accessory not only offers full fishing flexibility, but is also backed by a top-level match angler, you know you need it in your own angling arsenal. While feeder rods may be more typically associated with match fishing, they are also a devastatingly effective way to fish rivers, especially when you’re out after carp, and take a little bit of the work out of your coarse fishing.

This is a simple yet practical seat box accessory, with full OffBox 36 adaptability, and the vote of confidence from pro angler Tommy Pickering has to make this a first-choice buy for match and coarse fishing fans everywhere, no matter what your level of experience.

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