Drennan Greased Weasel 40m Spool-Procastangling

Drennan Greased Weasel 40m Spool

Fox Captive Back Leads Mk2-Procastangling

Fox Captive Back Leads Mk2

Korum Starlight Holder Multi-Fit

- 2 x Starlight Holders
- 5 x Starlights
- 5 x Rubber Sleeves
- 2 x Multi-fit Inserts

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Korum Starlight Holder, The Korum Starlight Holder offers visual bite detection at night on your rod tip.

It can be fitted to the majority of rod tips thanks to the specially designed inner sleeve, which gives versatility and added grip for a wider range of tip diameters.

Multi-fit system tapered to fit your rod.

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