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Shimano Vengeance CX Spinning Rod

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Wychwood Extricator 5000FD Reel

Korum Dura Method Feeder

- Provide a super strong feeder
- Ensures all your bait gets to the lakebed
- Unique design and structure
- Made for optimum strength and performance
- Impact shield prevents bait coming off on impact
- Weight forward nose for improved aerodynamics
- Extra wide central area stop hookbaits getting stuck
- Disruptive pattern, anti-spook camouflage coating
- Recess at front for Quick Change Beads or Swivels
- Complete with Korum Camo Quick Change Beads
- Compatible with Korum Dura-Method Moulds
- Two per pack

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Method feeding has to be one of the most devastating tactics to come onto the coarse and match scene in recent years, and brands across the spectrum are eager to take advantage of anglers’ demands for the kind of gains this technique can offer, creating moulds and feeders in a range of sizes and styles, and offering every angler the opportunity to succeed with method feeding, whatever species you’re targeting, and wherever you’re fishing.

Leading the pack in feeder fishing tackle creation is Korum. This is a brand without the fire and fury of flash advertising, who are quite content to let their products speak for themselves, and showcase their craftsmanship and potential with catches on the bank.

The Korum Dura Method Feeder is designed with durability in mind, giving you a super strong feeder that gets your bait down to the lakebed, and holds it there, a functionality which really recommends this method feeder for anglers fishing deeper swims, or casting out to depth. A unique design and structure gives you optimum performance, with an impact shield ensuring that your bait stays securely in place, even if your placement’s a bit bumpy.

The aerodynamic, weight forward design gives smoother motion, while the extra wide central gape gives you plenty of space for larger bait loads.

Coated in disruptive pattern camouflage, the Dura Method Feeder is unobtrusive below the water, ensuring that wary fish aren’t spooked, and giving you the best chance of success throughout your session.

A front recess gives a convenient place to situate your quick change beads and swivels; quick change beads are supplied with the Korum Dura Feeder, which is compatible with the Dura Method Mould, bringing you the best feeder fishing terminal tackle on the market.

Each pack gives you two Korum Dura Method Feeders, allowing for versatile fishing.

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