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Korda Solidz PVA Bags

- Solid PVA Bag System
- Available in 4 sizes to cover all situations
- Colour coded for easy angler recognition
- Manufactured from the highest quality
- Supplied in a re-sealable wallet
- Rapid melt
- Extremely robust
- Zero residue when melted
- Completely aroma free

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These Solidz PVA bags are produced by Korda, one of the most well-known carp fishing manufacturers around, and this certainly comes across with this high quality range. Its team is comprised entirely of carp anglers, producing outstanding products for other carp anglers like yourself.

The main feature is that these have a solid PVA bag system with material manufactured from the highest quality Japanese film available. This makes the bag extremely sturdy and unlikely to split or rip; it will hold the bait and pellets you put in it compactly and securely. They’re perfect for presenting a small amount of bait on every cast. The bags are available in four sizes, each with enough space for you to fill and use in heavily stocked waters (or smaller if you wish) to fish with the highest chances of getting a bite.

These bags are made with anglers in mind; they are colour coded which will make it easier for any angler to recognise which bag is the best fit and they are supplied in a re-sealable wallet. This means you can take them with you on various fishing trips with your other bait accessories and they won’t slip out of the packaging on the way. You won’t be struggling to get into the packaging either, as it is wonderfully easy to open, and, with a unique bag loader that comes with every pack, filling the Korda Solidz PVA could not be any simpler. All you need to do is load the bag, seal it, and you’re ready to catch carp.

If protecting the environment is important to you, these PVA bags are perfect for you. They melt rapidly after being casted into water leaving you with minimal waiting time as your bait attracts all the fish around. Not only that, but they have zero residue when melted as they are biodegradable and have a virtually neutral PH, which is vital today when conservation matters. Now, your bait bag’s residue will no longer contaminate the bank or the waterbed. They are also completely aroma free, so the scent of your bait won’t be affected whilst it’s in there.

Short distance casting or long, it doesn’t matter, these bags are ideal for both. The solid and robust shape (when filled with bait) allows for accuracy when distance casting so you can get it into the exact area so want it to be in and make the most of your Solidz PVA bags. Also, with the extra tough base, it won’t melt before it reaches the water so your bait will definitely reach its intended destination. The type of lake bed you fish at won’t limit you either as everything will be concealed within the bag so you can use whatever rod you like. You also won’t be hindered by weedy conditions or areas with heavy bottom debris due to the unbeatable strength of the material.

There’s no need for PVA tape of any other adhesive as you can simply lick the bag, stick it where you want it and then you’re good to go. This technique can also be used to add to the aerodynamics of the bag whilst casting; you can lick and fold the corners of the bag to remove any air that may remain after filling it. This will make casting easier and smoother and it improves the presentation of your bait, too. This handy trick will surely add to your angling experience.

Some of the most successful carp anglers in the UK such as Ian Poole and Gaz Fareham use these bags themselves when fishing, so if you give Korda a try, you might just end up at the top with anglers like them.

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