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Daiwa Prorex X LT Reels

Holy Mackerel Winterised PVA Friendly Fish Oil Blood Red 120ml-Procastangling

Holy Mackerel Winterised PVA Friendly Fish Oil Blood Red 120ml

Fox Rage Gloves

- Offers a totally secure hold
- Ideal for Catfish and Bass
- Also a popular casting glove
- Manufactured from.
- Microfibre and silicone
- Spandex, lycra and neoprene
- Black in colour
- Featuring a rage logo

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Fox Rage Glove, Fox Rage is the dedicated predator fishing range from the world famous Fox International brand. Innovative and practical, as you would expect from any products coming out of the Fox brand, these Fox Rage Gloves are ideal for when youre handing an aggressive fish, particularly in cold conditions when you might not be able to experience full feel and grip in your fingers. What sets these gloves apart from the rest is their unique palm.

Constructed from delicate mircofibre, to allow you maximum feel through the gloves, they are littered with tiny silicone fox heads. This gives you a delicate traction on the slippery body of a hard fighting fish, ensuring you can be secure in your grip whilst you unhook, weight, and photograph your catch.

This firm grip is essential for fish care as, understandably, dropping a fish from any height could cause the fish life threatening damage. Not only this, but when youre handling a many-toothed opponent it can also be very reassuring to know that youve got a solid grip as the last thing you want is for the fish to be able to twist around and plant their teeth in your hand or arm. It isnt just the palm of this glove thats impressive, however, and the entire construction of the glove has been precision engineered for comfort and practicality.

The back of the glove is manufacture from a strong and durable spandex material, to ensure it offers a snug fit, and the space in between the fingers of the gloves is constructed from lyrca. This ensures you can experience your full range of movement unimpeded by the gloves. The wrist on the glove is constructed from neoprene, to form a tight seal between your wrist and the glove. This is ideal for tucking the sleeve of your jacket into too, to prevent any annoying gapping around your wrists. Ideal for holding catfish and bass securely, as well as for holding pike and zander behind the gill cover, this glove is also very popular as a casting glove.

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