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Fox R-Series 2 Man XL Camo Bivvy

- Available in unique Fox Camo pattern
- Hydrostatic head rating of 10,000mm
- Features O-Ring connections in inside
- Allows to add the inner dome for increased comfort
- XL refers to the additional space and head room
- Classic four-rib step forward design featuring an oversized peak
- Rigid 19mm Aluminum frame and full frame support supplied
- Porch support poles feature unique pivoting moulded clips
- Perfect secure connection to the main frame
- Adjustable tension straps
- Large front and rear mozzy mesh panels
- Two-way letter box style door with three door options
- Mozzy mesh, clear PVC and solid
- Front can be rolled back to create an open fronted shelter
- Two rod straps located at front of shelter
- Heavy duty groundsheet and pegs
- Supplied in an oversized heavy duty carry bag
- Made from hard wearing, breathable polyester fabric
- Dimensions: 315cm Deep x 330cm Wide x 185cm High
- R-Series 2 Man XL Inner Dome
- Can be added to an R-Series 2-Man bivvy to create extra comfort,
- Warmth and protection from insects and other annoying creatures
- Mesh inner dome features zip in/out groundsheet
- Can be packed away whilst attached to the bivvy with the groundsheet removed
- Main Fabric 100% polyester
- Weight 2.5kg

RRP £599.95 Save 7%
With a higher profile giving you more headroom, and plenty of internal space, the R-Series 2 Man bivvy features a 10,000mm hydrostatic head, with O ring attachments that allow you to easily attach the inner mesh dome that is an option for this stylish, durable bankside shelter.

Constructed with a four-rib, step-forward profile, the bivvy's rigid aluminium frame supports an oversized peak, which provides adequate shelter against the worst of the weather, keeping you fishing through wind and rain, and allowing you to make the most of any opportunity, and maximise your chances of success on any venue.

A roll-back, letterbox style door provides easy access options, while dual rod retaining straps add to the convenience of the 2 Man R-Series Bivvy from Fox.

Large front and rear mozzy mesh vents keep you cool and comfortable during summer sessions, giving you a home away from home that won't be plagued by pests, and keeping a current of cooling air flowing through your bivvy all day long, ensuring that, come evening, your waterproof, breathable, 100% polyester shelter is the perfect place to relax and unwind.

The bivvy comes supplied with a heavy duty groundsheet, and heavy duty pegs that will secure it against any storm, and the worst weather, allowing you to keep calm and carry on when the wind whips up.

At 21.5 kg, this is a pretty hefty bivvy, but, with a profile of 315cm x 330cm x 185cm, the space inside, and the comfort and convenience this affords the long-stay campaign carper makes the R-Series bivvy more than worth the weight.

A bivvy puts all the comforts home right where you want to be, allowing you to enjoy the best of both worlds, and make the bankside the place you can truly come home to. If you don't mind carrying a little extra bulk, but want some extra space in your bankside home from home, then the Fox R-Series bivvy, available as a one or two man option, and presented in a choice of khaki or camo, is bound to appeal to classic and contemporary campaign carp anglers alike.

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