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Fox Cookware Coffee Tea Storage 860ml

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Dynamite Baits XL Sweetcorn

Fox Collapsible Water Bucket Large

- Based on original Fox Collapsible Water Bucket
- Now in a larger 10l capacity
- Welded PVC construction
- Collapsible design for easy storage
- Rigid top ring
- Removable 1.6m drop cord
- With clip to aid filling
- Perfect for keeping your catch wet
- When on the unhooking mat
- Also ideal for cleaning your hands in
- Whilst spodding or for mixing up groundbait
- Diameter 24cm
- Height: 23cm

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Established in the 1960s, Fox has come a long way in the last fifty years, becoming one of the leading fishing manufacturers in Europe for carp, match and coarse, sea and sport, predator, and modern lure tackle. Wits ethos of innovative, high quality, performance products, Fox International encompasses multiple ranges and a huge variety of products available offering something for every angler.

For many carp, match and specimen anglers, keeping a bucket for hydrating your caught fish is essential to the fish care ritual. With this collapsible water bucket from Fox, you can keep a source of lake water close by to add to your fish when de-hooking and weighing.

The Fox Collapsible Water Bucket is a size large, with the dimensions of approximately 24cm in diameter and a height of 23cm when fully extended. The design of the bucket is based on the original Fox Collapsible Water Bucket with the additional upgrades to improve your angling.

This fishing bucket can take a 10-litre capacity and has a welded PVC construction to ensure durable, water retaining qualities. It has a rigid top ring that helps keep the buckets round shape when in the pouring motion.

To assist with collecting lake water, the bucket has a removable 1.6m drop cord and clip meaning you can lower the bucket when standing at the edge of the water's edge. The bucket’s collapsible design is also useful for easy storage when not in use.

Other than using to keep your catch wet when on the unhooking mat, a bucket of water is ideal for cleaning your hands in after making up your mixed up groundbait and spodding mixes.

The bucket is in a camo green colour, perfect for matching carp angling gear and a must-have for carp fish care when visiting the bankside.

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