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Fox Captive Back Leads Mk2

- Heavy backlead and tighter lines
- Supplied on its own winder
- 10m metre, highly visual, orange cord
- Orange cord freely dispenses
- The back lead slides can slide down the line
- The lead settles on the lake bed
- Smooth line release

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This Captive Back Lead from Fox International allows you to reduce the risk of spooking your target carp or getting your line caught by a passing bird, whilst simultaneously ensuring that when a fish does take you don’t loose it due to your back lead getting caught in weeds or picking up other debris.

Supplied on its own highly visible cable, this Captive Back Lead lets you fish with a tight line without risking spooking the carp you’re working so hard to catch. The cord freely dispenses from its winder, letting your back lead slide down you line and rest on the lake bed right underneath your rod tip, and is a staggering 10m, ensuring you never encounter a situation where you don’t have even cable to use with your back lead. As the Captive Back Lead is supplied on its own winder, it is incredibly easy to reel back in once you’ve landed your carp, too.

This winder is able to be attached to captive back lead bars, if you so desire, but it also features a pegging hole for those anglers who don’t want to weigh themselves down with unnecessary gear. This winder also has the dual benefit of allowing you to store and transport your cable without picking up annoying tangles. An additional benefit of the back lead being on its own cord is that you can dictate how tight to the venue bed you’re fishing. For example, if you’re fishing on a venue with dense weed under your rod tip you can keep the winder cord tight, effectively floating the lead right above the weed patch. This simultaneously keeps your line out of the way of any bankside nuisances, whilst also ensuring that you aren’t faced with the prospect of dredging up half of the venue bed, as well as your target capture, on the retrieve.

The Fox Captive Back Lead has a mechanical gate latch to ensure it does not damage the line as it releases. This means that not only do you not have to worry about your back lead getting caught whilst you’re trying to reel in your fish but you also do not have to worry about your back lead damaging your fishing line. This allows you to focus completely on the job in hand – landing that monster carp! What’s more, using a latch gate rather than a traditional line clip also ensures that you’re better able to dictate the tension experienced by the line. With a traditional system, getting the right tension to ensure that the line clip doesn’t spring off as you direct it into the water usually results in you having the wrong tension when you want the clip to release.

This mechanical gate doesn’t use tension to hold it in place. In fact, it is more a matter of the angle you introduce it on, ensuring that it will always release exactly when you want it to. What’s more, this system actually gives you the additional tension that you need on a fast take to ensure that the hook set is true before releasing, allowing you to target larger fish with confidence.

If you’re looking for a handy bit of terminal tackle that has the potential to transform your carp fishing success, why not try this Captive Back Lead from Fox International? This lead is available in a huge range of weights, with the lightest being a mere 1.25oz and the heaviest being a full 5oz. This ensures that no matter your setup, you’re able to achieve the results you’re after with the Fox Captive Back Leads Mk2.

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