Fox Camolite Air Dry Bag + Hookbait Bag-Procastangling

Fox Camolite Air Dry Bag + Hookbait Bag

Wychwood Boot Bag-Procastangling

Wychwood Boot Bag

Fox Camolite Mini Accessory Pouch

- Unique Fox Camo pattern
- Double heavy duty zips
- 2 adjustable internal dividers
- Tinted PVC lid with storage wallet
- Ideal as a baiting up pouch
- Prevents the need to take out your tackle box
- 100% treated 500 denier polyester
- Please Note: contents shown NOT included

A stylish pouch for all your small accessories, the Fox Camolite Mini Accessory Pouch features two adjustable internal dividers, which allow you to create the set up you need, and a tinted PVC lid with storage wallet, which gives you at-a-glance access to exactly what you need.

As well as being a handy way to store and transport smaller pieces of terminal tackle, or PVA accessories, the Camolite Mini Accessory Pouch would also make a good baiting up pouch, carrying boilies, pellets, and bait tools, without taking up too much space – at this size, it should slip easily into a carryall or rucksack pocket. Keep all your go-to items stored safely in this handy pouch, and you don’t need to take out a tackle box all the while.

Presented in Fox’s unique Camo pattern, and crafted from durable, water-resistant 500D polyester, this mini pouch really is the perfect choice for all your terminal tackle essentials.

Please note, contents are NOT included.

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