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ESP Cryogen Curve Shanx Hooks

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Leeda Concept GT 11ft Carp Feeder Rod

ESP Cryogen Grip Rigger Hooks

- The best features of the Cryogen Gripper and Stiff Rigger
- The shape is that of the Stiff Rigger
- Fine curved sticky point of the Gripper
- Ultra-sharp beaked point with unbeatable hook holds
- Made in the same wire gauges as the Cryogen Stiff Riggers
- Making them the perfect pop up hook
- Features heavy forging and of course the Cryogen treatment
- Making them incredibly strong with durable points
- Available in barbed sizes 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

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When ESP released its new series of Cryogen Hooks in March of 2016 the brand knew it was onto something golden. However, it wasn’t entirely prepared for the huge outcry of support that it received as carp anglers recognised the advantages that these uniquely manufactured hooks offered them. There were soon calls for more ESP Cryogen hooks in the series and the brand, already with hooks in development, were happy to oblige. This ESP Cryogen Grip Rigger is, as the name suggests, the product of a beautiful marriage between the original Cryogen Grippers and Cryogen Stiff Riggers. Combing the shape of the best selling Stiff Rigger with the devastating beaked point of the Gripper, this hook ensures that you can enjoy an exceptional hold – in fact, it is such a good hook that it can almost be considered unfair on the carp as it really will have no choice once it takes the hookbait! This Grip Rigger fills the gap between a chod or stiff rig hook and a beaked hook, bringing you the best of both worlds! It has proved deadly in weedy and snaggy conditions, providing you with unprecedented hook hold and all-round high-end performance. They are ideal for use with a popped-up carp bait setup.

As the name suggests, these hooks benefit from the same unique cryogenic treatment as the original series. This treatment process used to modify the molecular structure of steel, reducing the hook’s propensity to stress, increasing its resistance to all the usual wear and tear which comes part and parcel with life on the bank, and improving its overall strength whilst still retaining its slim gauge. This is a technique which is most commonly used in the engines of Formula One cars in order to ensure that they can offer a high performance throughout their time on the track and it is used to a similar effect with these hooks. In fact, during the extensive testing process, the brand only received a handful of reports that the point of the hook had turned over and they never heard a report of a hook gape widening. Bearing in mind that the likes of Terry Hearn were using these hooks to bring in huge double figure carp, this is an incredibly impress feat. In fact, the brand is confident in stating that the Cryogen series is between 30% and 40% stronger than any other PTFE coated hook on the market – although the exact figure is hard to ascertain.

This ESP Cryogen Grip Rigger Hook joins a series of three new hooks in the range – all of which have been designed to fill a gap in the market to ensure that all anglers can target the very biggest personal best carp with confidence, no matter the conditions on the water. All of the Grip Rigger hooks feature a beaked point and a micro barbed finish to ensure that they provide you with an exceptional hook hold – even in snaggy conditions. The hook comes in packs of 10 and it is available in five different sizes. These range from a size four right the way to through to a size eight, so whether you’re starting out on smaller doubles or you want to dive in at the deep end with a monster chunk of a fish then you’ll always have the perfect ESP Cryogen hook for the job. Heavy forged, with the same wire gauge as the original Stiff Rigger, and designed with pop-up, chod, and stiff rig fishing over weeds and snags in mind, the ESP Cryogen Grip Rigger will soon become a firm favourite in your carp fishing arsenal.

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