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Veniard Peacock Herl

- One large bundle of herls per pack
- Approx 20cm Length x 4cm Width
- Great for small wet Trout flies and Salmon flies
- Ideal for bodies and wings

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Peacock Strung Herl is herl separated from the Peacock Eye Tops and then strung into a large bundle.

The herl feathers are natural, iridescent strands that are ideal for small wet Trout flies and Salmon flies.

Herl feathers are quite versatile for fly tying and are most commonly used for tying bodies and can also be tied as wings for Salmon flies.

Mainly seen on common flies such as the Coch-Y-Bondhu, the Diawl Bach JC and the Cormorant JC.

The Peacock Strung Herl comes in a large bunch of individual herl feathers and although they vary in length due to natural differences between the herls, they average at around 20cm in length.

The bundle is approximately 4cm wide.

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