Veniard Short Cock Hackles 2g-Procastangling

Veniard Short Cock Hackles 2g

Veniard English Partridge Brown Back 1g-Procastangling

Veniard English Partridge Brown Back 1g

Veniard Guinea Fowl 2g

- The spotted plummage of these birds
- Has been used for centuries
- Each pack contains 2g in weight of feathers in assorted sizes
- Available in range of colours

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Guinea Fowl Plumage feathers have wonderfully natural spotted markings that are well preserved, even when the feathers are dyed.

These feathers are most commonly used on wet Trout flies and can be used on Salmon flies.

These feathers are most commonly wound as head hackle for wet Trout flies, particularly Bumbles.

They can also be used as throat hackle on Salmon flies.

The blue dyed Guinea Fowl feathers are popularly used as a low cost substitute for Blue Jay hackles.

Common flies that use the Guinea Fowl Plumage is the Claret Bumble, the Polar Bumble and the Invictus.

The feathers are supplied in a 2g bag and have a mix of small, medium and large feathers.

The Guinea Fowl Plumage comes in 6 different colours which are Natural, Blue, Orange, Red, Yellow and Green.

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