Veniard English Partridge Complete Skin-Procastangling

Veniard English Partridge Complete Skin

Veniard Woodcock Wings-Procastangling

Veniard Woodcock Wings

Veniard Golden Pheasant Body Skin

- One whole body skin per pack
- Mix of different sized feathers
- Ideal for a variety of different patterns
- Good for creating a variety of different flies

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The Golden Pheasant Body Skin is a versatile natural skin providing you with a wide range of feathers which can be used within many different patterns for fly tying.

Most commonly used in Salmon flies and Wet Trout flies.

This body skin has a big collection feathers which range in size and colour.

The yellow crest feathers can be used for Salmon flies, creating tails and toppings.

The tippets can be used in pairs for wings on Salmon fly patterns and can be used as tails and underwings in Wet Trout fly ties as well.

The saddle and rump feathers are normally yellow in colour and have long barbs, they are most used for tail patterns but work well as hackle too.

Like the saddle and rump, the red breast and side feathers are excellent for hackle as well, especially on larger flies.

The Golden Pheasant Body Skin can come in 6 other dyed skin colours that are available to order on request.

These Body Skins are approx 30cm in Length x 7cm in Width and are great value for money as they contain a vast number of usable feathers.

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