Veniard Mallard Duck Wings-Procastangling

Veniard Mallard Duck Wings

Veniard Golden Pheasant Body Skin-Procastangling

Veniard Golden Pheasant Body Skin

Veniard English Partridge Complete Skin

- One complete skin per pack
- Ideal for Trout flies and Nymphs
- Great for leg patterns and spider patterns
- Approx 29.5cm Length x 16.5cm Width

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The English Partridge Complete Skins come with the head, wings and tail of the English Partridge bird.

These feathers are beautiful and natural with unique markings.

The feathers on this skin are mainly used for all kinds of trout flies and are exceptionally popular with fly tyers.

These feathers have fairly long barbs and are most commonly used for leg patterns on nymph flies.

They are also regularly used for tying hackle for spider patterns as well.

Common flies with the English Partridge feathers are the Partridge & Orange Spider, Olive Jingler and the Bumble Green Peter.

The neck feathers have a primarily grey and white fleck colour and the brown back feathers are similar in their pattern with an overall sepia wash.

With a great amount of usable feathers and a size of approximately 29.5cm in Length and 16.5cm in Width, this complete skin is worth every penny.

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