Veniard Antron Dubbing-Procastangling

Veniard Antron Dubbing

Veniard Hand Stripped Peacock Quills-Procastangling

Veniard Hand Stripped Peacock Quills

Veniard Antron Body Yarn

- Often used on large flies
- Can be split for use on smaller flies
- Ideal for Caddis Pupa and combing with other dubbing

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Veniard Antron body yarn is often used as a heavy shiny floss on large flies or split for use on smaller flies.

Ideal for caddis pupa and particularly effective when combined with any other dubbing or furs.

It can be used as wool in tails, bodies, backs etc., or can be teased out and used as Antron Seals Fur Substitute for dubbing.

It can also be used doubled up for lures and large bodies or separated and used like floss for small buzzers.

Feathers are used in a number of fly patterns.

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