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Drennan Speedex Carp Net Heads

Preston Pulla Bung-Procastangling

Preston Pulla Bung

Preston Inception Feeder Chair

- Compatible with OffBox products
- 30mm round legs
- Backrest/legs both foldable
- Extremely compact
- Weighs just 7.2kg
- Supplied with shoulder strap

The Inception Feeder Chair is constructed using 30mm round legs, making it super stable and compatible with all OffBox products enabling you to customise your fishing station, ideal for feeder fishing.

Incorporating a comfortable padded mattress, folding backrest and legs, the Inception Feeder chair is extremely compact for transportation and weighs in at just 7.2kg making it easy to carry to your peg with the supplied shoulder strap.

A separate footplate is available making the chair even more versatile where you can add attachments such as tool bars, keepnets arms and feeder arms.

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