Matrix Impact Waggler-Procastangling

Matrix Impact Waggler

Matrix Loaded Pellet Waggler-Procastangling

Matrix Loaded Pellet Waggler

Matrix Micro Bagging Wagglers Loaded

- Crystal pellet waggler with Matrixs feeder cage at the base
- The clear body reduces the chances of fish spooking
- The cage enables a steady stream of free feed around your hookbait
- Which is especially helpful when you are fishing out of catapult
- Comes supplied with interchangeable weights
- Allows you to fine tune the float
- Two sizes available which are 8g and 10g

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Ideal for fishing at range when you’re getting lots of indications and movement but no bite developments, the Matrix Mirco Bagging Waggler really has the ability to transform your coarse and match fishing.

Significantly more refined than the standard method feeder fishing tactic, the Micro Bagging Waggler allows you to draw your target fish to your bite thought the gradual dispersal of baits through the layers of the water, rather than simply hitting and dispersing the bait on the bed of your swim. This is where the Micro Bagging Waggler really comes into its own, as a standard bagging waggler wouldn’t be able to reach out into the water without loosing its load. The Micro Bagging Waggler hits the water like a feeder, yet disperses bait like a waggler.

This waggler has a clear body, to reduce the risk of spooking nervous or cautious fish and has a segmented feeder section at the base. This segmented feeder section is significantly more refined than the standard bagging waggler as it allows you to fill up one, two, three, or all four of the sections. This allows you to distribute bait with precision accuracy.

Not only does the waggler come supplied with interchangeable weights to allow you to determine exactly where in the water the waggler sits. You can also overload this waggler in order to create a slow sinking feeder, giving you ample options for bait distribution. By removing the feeder section you can transform it back into a pellet waggler.

There are two different sizes available, 8g and 10g. Matrix is a coarse and match fishing specialist brand and has a fantastic range of terminal tackle specifically for coarse and match angler.

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