Korda Slow Sinking Corn-Citrus Zing-Procastangling

Korda Slow Sinking Corn-Citrus Zing

JRC Spare Net Mesh-42

JRC Spare Net Mesh-42"

Mainline Special Edition Pop Ups 15mm-F-One

- Mainline - Special Edition Pop-Ups - Available in a range of Colours and Flavours - Scopex & Blackcurrant 15mm - F-ONE 15mm - Pink Pinenana 15mm

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Ahead of the new season, Mainline are back with a new hookbait offering, Mainline Special Edition Pop Ups (15mm).

They are available in three varieties; Pink Pinenana Special, Scopex & Blackcurrant Special or F-ONE, in pink, orange and white, respectively. All three varieties in the range contain top quality attractors, are very buoyant, and are ideal for use on a Chod Rig, a single hook bait approach, or as a hook bait fished over a bed of bait.

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