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JRC X-Lite Rod Bloxx 3 Set

JRC Radar C4 Alarm

- Bright travelling LED tower
- Adjustable volume, tone, and sensitivity
- Magneto-dynamic speaker with digital amplifier
- Made with high impact ABS material
- Manual power on/off switch
- Manual nightlight function
- Fully weatherproof with double sealed electronics
- 9V battery
- Low battery drain

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The JRC Radar C4 is an affordable yet highly functional bite alarm that is ideal for the entry level angler.

The C4 is fully weather and waterproof, with a high impact ABS material body to ensure longevity, and provide an alarm that can withstand the rough and tumble of a life spent in search of the perfect fish. All electronic components are double sealed for added protection against the elements.

Featuring adjustable volume, tone, and sensitivity, with a bright LED tower that provides exceptional travel, you can set up a distance from your rod if you need to (bank conditions never being the most reliable things in the world), and rest assured that you’ll see and hear each and every bite. With the right sensitivity setting, you can virtually eliminate false alarms caused by wind or water movement, making your fishing session that much more enjoyable, as you’re not running down the bank for a blank every ten minutes.

The C4 includes a Magneto-dynamic speaker, with a digital amplifier, ensuring you can easily hear your bite alarm wherever you are on the bank, and whatever’s going on around you.

Running from a 9V battery, this low drain bite alarm is designed to conserve power, increasing the life and function of your bite alarm, and giving you the freedom to pursue extended sessions without worrying about your battery drying up right in the middle of a good set.

JRC have a well-deserved reputation for providing quality and value to the angling community, and consistently meeting the challenge of their brand slogan, “expect more.”

With high side inserts and rubber retainers, this alarm gives a secure grip without risking damage to your rod.

If you’re just getting into fishing, or looking for a gift for someone who is, you can’t really go wrong with the JRC Radar C4; a premium quality product without the premium price tag.

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