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Guru 15" Feeder Hair Rig

- 15" length for feeder or straight lead fishing
- Super sharp eyed MWG hook
- Perfect hook size to hair length ratio
- Figure of eight loop for easy connection to your rig
- Silicone tube to trap and align the hair for perfect presentation
- 8 rigs per pack

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The Feeder Hair Rig is a more traditional, longer hook link than the Method Hair Rig. As with the Method Hair Rig the hooks used are the MWG, which are true all-rounders. These longer hook links are perfect for straight bomb, feeder or waggler work as well as most specialist disciplines. The lads spent time getting the hair length exactly balanced with hook size for optimum hooking.

- Size 10 Guru MWG Hook - 12lb Guru N Gauge Line
- Size 12 Guru MWG Hook - 9lb Guru N Gauge Line
- Size 14 Guru MWG Hook - 9lb Guru N Gauge Line
- Size 16 Guru MWG Hook - 7lb Guru N Gauge Line

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