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Fox Rage Voyager Camo Measure Mat - 1.3m

- 1.3m Measuring mat
- Kneeling pad
- Pegging or luggage attachment D-loops
- Elasticated roll up loops
- Packed size: 30 x 15 x 9cm
- Mat area: 1m x 30cm
- Ripstop fabric
- Fits to Voyager rucksack
- Outer Main Fabric: PVC Padding/Filling: 100% Polyethylene

RRP £29.99 Save 7%
A dedicated predator range from the angling powerhouse of Fox, Rage Voyager is all about providing predator anglers with quality tackle, accessories, and essentials that will lend a lifestyle edge to your predator pursuits, whether you’re taking on sprawling rural lakes, or taking your chances along the gritty banks of urban canals.

Presented in smart, stylish black, with clearly marked measurements in bold white, the Fox Rage Voyager Camo Measure Mat gives you 1.3m of usable surface area, allowing you to quickly and easily see just how big your most recent monster will go.

With a modern black DPM providing an eye-catching element that will have instant appeal for the social-media-savvy among you, this measuring mat keeps fish safe while you take down their vital statistics, and includes practical D loops that allow you to easily attach the mat to a rucksack, giving you a compact luggage set up with a go-anywhere practicality.

Ripstop fabric is ready for the rigours of the predator lifestyle, while elasticated roll up loops ensure a neat, tidy packed size of 30cm x 15cm x 9cm – perfect when you’re travelling light.

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