Fox Edges Tapered Main Line Stoppers-Procastangling

Fox Edges Tapered Main Line Stoppers

Fox Edges Slik Lead Clip Tail Rubber Size 10-Procastangling

Fox Edges Slik Lead Clip Tail Rubber Size 10

Fox Edges Slik Lead Clips & Pegs Size 10

- Scaled down & refined for a delicate presentation
- T-bar design
- Securely fixes size 10 swivel inside the clip
- Trouble free lead ejection every time
- Colour: Khaki
- Size: 10
- 10 per pack

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Fox Slik Lead Clips are a scaled down and refined version of our Lead Clip designed for a delicate presentation. Still featuring the T-bar design, it securely fixes the size 10 swivel inside the clip. The back of the clip has no serrations, ensuring the tail rubber will slip off with ease, safely ejecting the lead.

The new Edges range is made up of a whole host of end tackle products that have each individually been designed to make the rigs you tie better than they have ever been. Within the range you will find leaders, hooklinks, clips, sleeves, shrink tube and gizmos that have been designed in conjunction with their consultant and underwater diver Rob Hughes, so that their colours and appearance best match a whole host of different lakebed make-ups a massive edge in itself.

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