ESP Streamliner Rig Sleeves-Procastangling

ESP Streamliner Rig Sleeves

ESP Extra Long Bait Stick Needle-Procastangling

ESP Extra Long Bait Stick Needle

ESP Bait Drill and Needle

- Convenient tackle box size with hi-visibility handles
- Easy to use with reduced splits and breakages
- Ultra-fine 1mm diameter drill produces smaller, neater holes
- Matching 1mm diameter needle has low profile barb
- No sharp edges to fray or damage braid
- Increased diameter towards base of needle
- Useful for opening up the hair loop

Fitted with hi-vis handles that allow you to easily find your tools when you need them, this bait needle and drill set from ESP is the perfect size for most tackle boxes, giving you the convenience of easily being able to pack them for any length of session, and take them with you when you head off for a spot of stalking.

A low profile barb, there are no sharp edges on the bait needle, meaning that your braid won’t get damaged or frayed, and the risk of splits and breakages while you’re getting your bait ready.

The ultrafine 1mm drill produces smaller, neater holes, while the wider diameter of the needle base is useful for opening up a hair loop. A truly versatile baiting tool, this needle and drill set can be taken anywhere, giving you the bait creation functionality you need, wherever your fishing brings you. Perfect for carp or coarse rig creation, there’s no reason not to buy this handy little set.

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