Dynamite Baits Frenzied Hempseed Groundbait-Procastangling

Dynamite Baits Frenzied Hempseed Groundbait

Dynamite Baits Silver X Roach Groundbait Super Black-Procastangling

Dynamite Baits Silver X Roach Groundbait Super Black

Dynamite Baits Silver X Roach Groundbait Original

- Versatile (can be used for most tasks)
- Easy to mix
- An active groundbait that draws fish into your swim
- Low feed content
- Manufactured from sweet biscuit
- Combines ground seeds
- Includes crushed hemp and grilled
- Available in Super Black for clear venues
- Supplied in 1kg bags

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Dynamite Baits Silver X Roach Groundbait Designed to send roach crazy, this Silver X Roach Groundbait from Dynamite Baits is versatile and innovative.

With a recipe comprised of sweet biscuit and ground seeds, this is a highly aromatic mix that is highly attractive for roach and other silver fish. Both crushed and grilled hemp seeds have been included in this mix, helping to enhance the natural attractants of all the ingredients in the Silver X Roach Groundbait. Dynamite has also made the unique inclusion of coriander to this mix.

Not only does this enhance the aroma of the mix but it also makes the mix incredibly active – working as a visual attraction. A highly versatile mix, this groundbait can be used in a number of different ways to impressive effects – an ideal coarse fishing bait for the dedicated roach angler. A dry mix makes this the perfect tool for the shallower venues across the country.

When mixed with additional water, the Silver X Roach Groundbait becomes very malleable and, once riddled, can be easily moulded into balls. Ideal for targeting deeper venues, these balls can then be thrown in to the water and will transport your bait right down to the lake, river, or canal bed. This incredible mix is available in two styles.

The Original is ideal for all river and lake roach fishing situations. The Super Black is a stunning dark coal colour and is perfect for venues with clearer waters. The Silver X Roach Groundbait is the perfect silver fish mix for any occasion.

England International Mark Pollard has been a life long fan of the bait and uses it in the majority of his silver fish mixes. He recommends mixing two parts Silver X Roach Super Black with one part Silver X Canal and Lake Original in order to get a killer mix that sends fish crazy. For more information on how to best mix your Silver X Roach you can check out the Dynamite Baits YouTube channel, where you can also learn about all the other products in the Silver X range.

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