Drennan Subsurface Fly Leader-Procastangling

Drennan Subsurface Fly Leader

Drennan Series 7 Carp and Silverfish Mono 100m-Procastangling

Drennan Series 7 Carp and Silverfish Mono 100m

Drennan Supplex Fluorocarbon

- 50m
- 100% fluorocarbon
- Similar refractive index to water
- Abrasion resistant material
- Provides impressive knot strength
- Wide range of diameters from 0.075mm to 0.30mm
- Wide range of breaking strains from 0.9lb to 10.0lb

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Supplex Fluorocarbon is available in no less than 12 accurate diameters and breaking strains, from 0.075mm (0.9lb) right up to 0.30mm (10lb). As it is made from 100% fluorocarbon, it is exceptionally abrasion resistant, sinks well and doesnt degrade in sunlight like standard mono can. It also has a very similar refractive index to water, making it almost invisible in clear water.

Fluorocarbon is also less prone to spinning up on the retrieve compared to standard mono, making it a great choice for when you are continually casting out and reeling in.

0.9lb (0.075mm)
1.3lb (0.095mm)
1.7lb (0.105mm)
2.0lb (0.12mm)
2.6lb (0.13mm)
3.3lb (0.15mm)
4.4lb (0.17mm)
5.0lb (0.19mm)
5.6lb (0.20mm)
6.4lb (0.22mm)
8.0lb (0.25mm)
10.0lb (0.30mm

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