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Veniard Prepared Fly Tyers Wax

- A very soft dubbing wax
- Classic unchanged recipe
- It has the most general applicability
- Ideal for tying a wide range of fly sizes
- Very easy to use
- An excellent value
- Pack: 11g

Dubbing wax is a must-have for any fly tyer.

Working with fine dubbings or other slippy materials (flash etc.) is just so much easier, when adding a bit of wax to your tying thread.

Whether you're dubbing on the thread directly, with the split-thread-technique or in the loop.

Veniard's Prepared Fly Tyers Wax is a true classic and its recipe hasn't changed at all over the years.

This is why it's so popular amongst famous fly tyers like Davie McPhail and many others.

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