Abu Garcia Rucksack  with Backrest

Abu Garcia Rucksack with Backrest

Trakker Levelite Compact Fishing Chair

- Compact, strong and lightweight aluminium chair
- Ergonomically-designed chair padding for optimum comfort
- Super-quick to unclip and unfold
- Unique patented leg mechanism
- Push the button and it drops into position
- Clips to hold chair closed in transit
- Material: Aluminium/stainless steel frame
- Weight: 5.1kg
- H64cm x W60cm (open)
- L80cm x W60cm (closed)

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Long gone are the days of sitting all day at the bank on a little fold-out stool. The comfort of fishing chairs has been maximised but often costing you extra weight when carrying from the car to the bank. Trakker has solved this weight problem without sacrificing comfort with its new Trakker Levelite Compact Chair.

As the name suggests, the Trakker Levelite Compact Chair is from the levelite range which has been inspired from the previous popular range of Levelite Beds. Like the Trakker Levelite Beds, this fishing chair boasts sports the same patented leg mechanism found on the Levelite Beds which means this chair is both simple and quick to use. For a super quick assembling, the Trakker chair easily unclips and unfolds the legs to the length you need, thanks to the leg mechanism. The bottom of the legs are finished with angler adjustable mud feet meaning this chair will adapt to whatever terrain you set up swim near.

The chair tips the scales at just over 5 kilos which is around 11 pounds, so this will bring a hassle free element to commuting your gear from peg to peg. This lightweight is thanks to the aluminium and stainless steel frame. Despite the chair’s lightness, this Trakker compact chair has been ergonomically-designed for optimum comfort.

Boasting super padding in all the places that take the most stress such as the neck, shoulders and thighs, you can spend hours waiting for the bite and you won’t be all stiff when that bite alarm rings! To add to the comfort, the arms of the chair are covered in a padded mesh. When you are sitting for hours on end for action, this is the chair you want. It is especially great for those anglers that need extra support on the lower back.

The adjustable leg height means this chair can be tailored to your height. This is perfect for those taller anglers among us that are constantly hitting their head off the umbrellas or shelter. Having the chair just a little lower to the ground makes all the different. When unfolded, the chair measures at H64cm x W60cm.

Trakker Levelite chair is incredibly compact, strong and lightweight. To assist in keeping the frame of the chair secured when folded, Trakker have added adjustable clips to create a tension and therefore a smaller compact size. The chair measures L80cm x W60cm when closed which makes all the different when packing up a carp barrow. Additionally, there are two eyelets on the back of the chair for an optional shoulder strap to make carrying again, even easier.

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