Fox Rage Replicant Hot Roach 14cm-Procastangling

Fox Rage Replicant Hot Roach 14cm

BKK BB Trigger 21 Size 2 - 22-26cm-Procastangling

BKK BB Trigger 21 Size 2 - 22-26cm

Trakker Armolife Powerflo Tap USB

- At night, the integrated red LED light illuminates the filling area
- Easy to install in three simple steps
- Includes 3 x EVA collars for fitment on different-sized canisters

Convert your regular old water carrier into a functional and convenient running water system with the Trakker Armolife Powerflo Tap. With no external power source required, this water carrier tap is perfect for on-the-go use, with red LED lights integrated for night-time illumination and three handy EVA collars that allow you to fit the Powerflo Tap to an array of different-sized canisters.

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