Wychwood Agitator Drop Shot Rod TT

Wychwood Agitator Drop Shot Rod TT

Daiwa Seahunter Z 962 Uptide 9'6

Daiwa Seahunter Z 962 Uptide 9'6"

Shakespeare Beta Beachcaster Rod 12ft 4-8oz

- Lined titanium oxide guides
- Slim handle design
- Cushioned reel seat
- Rated to cast 4-8ozs

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Shakespeare Beta Beachcaster Rod, Shakespeare’s range of Beta Beachcaster rods have been purpose designed with the angler who is looking to get into beachcasting in mind. The rod is available at an entry level price and it is ideal for the novice angler who doesn’t want to break the bank investing in their first bit of kit but who also doesn’t want to settle for substandard tackle.

Although it boasts an entry level price tag this rod certainly isn’t entry level in its performance. This makes it ideal for the angler who doesn’t want to compromise quality for price and it is the perfect tool for the angler on a budget.

However, where the rods differ is in their construction. For the angler with the smaller boot, less storage space, or who simply prefers a more compact outfit, there is a three piece rod. This can be easily transported to and from your boot and the beach.

The second rod option offers a two piece construction. This is perfect for the angler who is less concerned about space and it is the more traditional of the two rods. Both of the rods offer the same top quality performance across the beach casting style.

They are both able to easily punch out terminal tackle to exceptionally long distances, allowing you to hit way out past the surf with ease. Using simple casting styles you’re able to get fantastic results and you don’t have to resort to complex casts in order to walk away with a killer haul at the end of your session. These rods also perform expertly even when you’re fishing over rough ground.

If you’re looking to revamp your sea fishing without spending a fortune then the Shakespeare Beta Beachcaster is the ideal rod for you.

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