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Trakker NXG Cookware Bag

Trakker NXG Insulated Gas Canister Cover

- High-density foam filled walls improves gas efficiency
- Zipped base for easy access
- Designed to fit the 450g gas canisters
- Dimensions: L 15cm x W 13cm
- Materials: 600D polyester

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When you’re out on the bank and facing a blank in the freezing winter, a hot cup of tea or a warming meal can be the only light on your horizon. You can imagine, then, the crushing disappointment that comes with discovering that your gas canister has frosted over and will refuse to be lit. It might even be enough for you to abandon your session there and then – eliminating any chance of your best winter weight carp. Thanks to the Trakker NXG Insulated Gas Canister Cover, you never need worry about this fate ever again and you can be confident that you’ll always be able to light your stove when you need it – saving your angling session and ensuring that you’re alert on the bank when your bite alarm makes its first indication.

The Trakker NXG Insulated Gas Canister Cover features walls which have been filled with a high-density foam. Not only does this improve gas efficiency by keeping the canister at an ambient temperature but it also adds a cushioning layer to your canister. No item on the bank is immune to the odd knock or scrape and dents in your gas canister could have dangerous consequences. By adding this little extra protection, you can ensure that your gas canister is good to go every time you arrive on the bank. This Canister Cover has been designed with a zipped base. This makes it easy to insert a new canister or to remove an old one when you need – so you don’t have to waste precious minutes on the bank wrestling with your cooking equipment when you could be keeping your eyes on the water. With dimensions of 15cm by 13cm, this Trakker NXG Insulated Gas Canister Cover has been designed to fit standard 450g canisters, making this the perfect choice for the long session carp angler who likes to be out on the bank in a whole host of weather conditions. It has been manufactured from 600D polyester and the base is a wipe-clean nyplex material. This ensures that it boasts classic Trakker quality of production and it is a highly durable outfit which has been designed to last on the bank – providing you with season after season of service.

NGX is Trakker’s dedicated luggage range and it has been designed to provide you with the ultimate carp fishing luggage solutions for the dedicated carper. As with the rest of the high-quality range, the Trakker NXG Insulated Gas Canister Cover has been finished in a smart olive green colour. This means that it will perfectly complement other items in the NGX range, as well as other angling luggage from a variety of brands. If you’re looking for a top quality luggage solution – whether you’re trying to transport your tackle box or your gas canister, the NGX range will have you covered.

The Trakker brand was established in the 1990s, although the company had been trading under Rainbow Angling Supplies for several years prior to this and this original name is still paid homage to with the current Trakker logo. Born from the ashes of the northern mining industry, the brand has established itself as the go-to for the dedicated carp angler and it prides itself on keeping one step ahead of the curve – creating product innovation rather than following it. If you’re looking for a revolutionary product to improve your life on the bank then you need look no further, the newest Trakker products aim to do just that.

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