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Shakespeare Seat Box

Shakespeare Deluxe Rucksack Chair

- Protective webbing back support for rucksack
- Main compartment has lining secured by drawstring
- Large side pockets and front pocket all secured by quick- release buckles
- Height: 44cm
- Weight: 2.8kg
- Folded size: 57 x 36cm

RRP £47.99 Save 4%
Being mobile on the bank can be one of your biggest assets, particularly if you’re an angler who suffers from all the usual time pressures of work and family when you’re trying to plan in your angling session. In an effort to maximise time spent on the bank, as well as maximising your mobility, it can often be tempting to cut out your chair from your angling arsenal. However, although this might improve your chances at being mobile on the bank it might not do anything to improve your angling success rate. After all, comfort on the bank is one of the most influential factors in determining your enjoyment of the sport. Being mobile but uncomfortable - forced to perch on the bank to rest your legs – won’t lead you to any more of an enjoyable session than if you were immobile but comfortable. Unfortunately, many anglers see that they have a choice to make when it comes to bankside mobility, with comfort and mobility being on opposing ends of the angling scale.

Luckily, thanks to the team at Shakespeare, you no longer need to sacrifice comfort in order to enjoy a mobile stalking session – whether you’re carp fishing or after specimen species. The Shakespeare Folding Chair with Rucksack combines practicality and comfort into one highly mobile package, ensuring that you can enjoy the best of all worlds when you’re stalking around the bankside. Available in a classic brown and green colour, which ensures that it will look great with your entire range of angling clothing, this is a compact solution to the roving angler’s comfort problems.

The Folding Chair is attached to the Shakespeare Rucksack via the use of to loops at the top of the rucksack. This means that when the chair is collapsed, it rests flush against the back of the rucksack. The benefits of this are two fold. Firstly, unlike other folding chair designs, this chair doesn’t have to be folded into the rucksack itself. This allows you to make maximum use of the space within the rucksack, ensuring that you can pack it out with all the gear you need to perform at the top of your game on a mobile carp fishing session. It also means that you don’t have to worry about packing you chair back into your rucksack after your initially remove it, saving you time on the bank when you need to be quick. Secondly, this chair will actually hold the back of your rucksack from your spine, allowing a cooling airflow to pass along your back on the hottest and muggiest of days.

The rucksack itself is fitted with a protected webbed back support. It boasts one large central compartment, which has a thick lining. This is secured by a drawstring, ensuring that you’re never going to loose any of your gear form the top of your rucksack, and it is finished with a large protective flap. The rucksack also has three additional exterior pockets; two full length side pockets and one half-height front pocket. These are ideal for the storage of all your smaller tackle accessories and terminal tackle items, as well as being ideal for food and water storage. All three pockets are secured using side operated, quick release buckles.

The chair itself features a fabric seat and back support, which have been designed with comfort and weight in mind. In fact, the entire Shakespeare Folding Chair with Rucksack only tips the scales at 2.8kg, ensuring that you’ll never feel weighed down by your gear. If you’re looking for a compact and lightweight seating solution for your stalking and mobile angling, this Shakespeare Folding Chair with Rucksack is the ideal choice for you.

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