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Trakker Nitelife Bivvy Light 150

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RidgeMonkey Bivvy Lite Pro IR

- Three colours - white, red and green
- Smooth brightness control
- Wireless remote control
- Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery
- Single LED power indicator
- Micro USB charging port
- Robust construction with sleek GunMetal Grey finish
- Protected registered design
- Adjustable Bankstick Adaptor included

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Formed in 2014, RidgeMonkey is one of the newest companies on the market. It has taken the fishing industry by storm with its innovative products that are flying off shelves up and down the country.

After the success of RidgeMonkey’s VRH300 USB Rechargeable Headtorch, the brand decided to explore into more lighting options when at the bank. Perfect for carp and specialist anglers, the RidgeMonkey Bivvy Lite Pro IR is one of the higher-end products from the bivvy Lite range. It has a host of features that not only brings anglers a little lighting when the sun starts to drop but it also adds a bit of fun with its option of more than just white lighting.

Anglers love green, especially those stalking carp, that is why RidgeMonkey have made sure to add a green beam option to the lighting panel. The green function lights up those camo bivvies and umbrellas light a treat so you can set up your bedchair and sleeping area with the soothing green colours.

The award-winning Bivvy Lite range also includes a red beam to really draw your attention at the bank, this is perfect for popping near your swim in the darker light conditions when stubbing from the bivvy to your screaming bite alarm. If any of the beams are a little too bright or not bright enough for your preference you can change the brightness by upping the colour or dimming on the wireless remote control that comes with the light.

The Lite Pro is completely wireless so you can carry it around the bank with you from your rods to your baiting table. It has a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery with up to 180 hours of continuous use from a single charge four-hour charge with a micro USB charger. It will certainly last an overnight session and continue to the next day.

To fit to your bivvy you just use the magnetic fittings and the backing plate. For at the bankside, the Lite Pro comes with an adjustable bankstick adaptor so you can add the light to your rod support system and improve that visibility when reeling in or casting out.

The Bivvy Lite sport a compact, lightweight design with robust construction and sleek GunMetal Grey finish. The perfect bivvy accessory for the modern angler.

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