Leeda Profil Waist Waders-Procastangling

Leeda Profil Waist Waders

Leeda Sea Float Kit-Procastangling

Leeda Sea Float Kit

Leeda Profil Boat Seat

- Made from a hardwearing and durable denier material.
- Front facing, ideal for fly fishing loch style
- Ideal for targeting predators with lures or bait
- Fully adjustable, fast locking straps for ease of use
- Comfort on long days afloat
- New rod holder, allowing for an additional rod to be set up
- Ready to go or for rod storage between fishing areas

The new Portable and packable Leeda Profil Boat seat offers amazing functionality and incredible value for money. The Profil Boat seat features a unique design so that it can be used for long days afloat. Adjustable and easy to use, it is comfortable and features a rod rest for ease of use.

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