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JRC Defender Fleece Sleeping Bag Cover

- 2 season rating
- Water resistant, durable polyester outer
- Hollow fibre filling for additional insulation
- Warm micro fleece lining
- Bedchair attachments

If you're looking for a way to keep up with your night fishing through a sudden cold snap, but you don't want to spend money on a second sleeping bag, then the JRC Defender Fleece Sleeping Bag Cover could be for you.

With a two-season rating, this durable, waterproof sleeping bag cover is made from hardwearing, fully water resistant polyester, with a micro-fleece lining, Hollow Fibre filling for added insulation, giving you all the comfort and warmth you need, without the often overwhelming weight of a five-season sleeping bag. If you need five-season warmth, you can zip this cover on top of your three season sleeping bag to get you through the night, and simply unzip when those balmy nights are back, and you're no longer suffering out on the bank.

The sleeping bag cover features bedchair attachments, so you can be assured of a good night's sleep that keeps you firmly in one place! At a price that's affordable for almost all budgets, the JRC Defender Sleeping Bag Cover is a good buy if you're not sure about night fishing after mid-September, allowing you to try a few colder nights, and see how you get on, before you spend serious money on a sleeping bag that can handle the very worst a UK bankside can throw at you. (We won't get into ice fishing just now, although there's sleeping bags that can handle those extremes of cold, too.

Night fishing isn't just about a chance to catch more or bigger fish; in part, the attraction of night fishing for certain anglers is being part of a world in which humans have suddenly taken a back seat. It's you, the moon, the water, and the fish – and whatever wildlife happens to feel safer when the two-legged life forms are tucked up in bed. Yes, bigger, warier fish do sometimes come out at night, and some species have a naturally nocturnal bent; a lot of fish, of all species, are crepuscular, liking the diffuse underwater light of dusk and dawn. But night fishing isn't just about the fish – if it were, bedchairs, bivvies, and sleeping bags wouldn't sell as well as they do. When you're out on a bankside overnight, waking up by the water with the first light of dawn, you approach your session with an optimism and energy that enhances even the most basic tackle set up, and fuels you for a full day's fishing right from the very beginning.

JRC's brand motto is “expect more”, and, with this sleeping bag cover, that's more comfort, more warmth, more wonder on your fishing journey – all exceeded, and delivered in a practical and stylish package.

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