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Fox Rage Stack And Store Boxes

Fox Rage Compact Storage Box

- Three sizes available: small, medium and large
- Slim design
- Tight construction to avoid small items moving around
- Removable, slotted foam panels for jighead and hook storage
- Removable dividers
- The strongest light box on the market
- Full width lock for security but easy to open
- Smoked plastic finish
- Ideal for small items storage
- Box sizes designed to work as a storage system

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The strongest tackle box on the market, the Fox Rage Compact Storage Box is available in sizes Small, Medium, and Large, which are designed to be used together to form a versatile tackle storage system that keeps all your terminal tackle and small angling accessories safe, secure, and readily accessible.

With a lightweight strength, this tackle box from Fox features removable slotted foam inserts, which keep your hooks and jigheads secure, and avoid damage to, or from, other tackle items while in transit, as well as removable internal dividers, which give you the flexibility to securely store terminal tackle of any shape or size.

The full width lock provides complete security and protection for your valuable tackle and accessories, yet is still easy for you to open, ensuring you never find yourself getting wound up on the bankside as you struggle to get into the storage case that holds the tackle you need. In fishing, seconds count, and a good tackle storage solution can mean the difference between a new personal best and a blank.

Finished with a smoked plastic effect, this is a tough, stylish tackle box that more than holds its own in both form and function, and gives you the performance peace of mind that comes from knowing your tackle has been crafted by Europe's largest, leading, independent tackle brand. Get cunning tackle storage from the fishing-focused minds at Fox, and ensure your bankside experience is smooth, effective, and frustration-free.

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