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Fox Duralite Chair

- Strong but exceptionally lightweight
- Duralite Magnesium Alloy construction
- 3D mesh and polyester padded seat
- Aids comfort whilst helping to keep overall weight low
- Fully adjustable legs that lock into position
- Arm rests for added comfort
- Large Swivelling mud feet
- Rated to 180kg
- Height: 33cm - 40cm
- Seat: 40cm deep
- Back height: 52cm
- Seat width: 47cm
- Weight: 3.2kg

RRP £119.99 Save 8%
An often overlooked part of an angler’s tackle, your chair is a vital part of ensuring that your angling experience is an enjoyable one. Chairs that are unnecessarily heavy or confusingly collapsible are often a source of great annoyance when you could otherwise be sitting back relaxed! For those anglers that want result from all aspects of their tackle, this is the chair for you.

Proudly featuring a 3D mesh and polyester seat, comfort is as paramount as practicality with this chair. The 3D mesh and polyester add a huge amount of comfort to your angling experience, so you can sit back and relax. Take the weight of your feet in your snug bivvy with the 3D mesh specifically designed for your comfort and enjoyment. Padded seat aids are also included, so the chair’s seat has been purposefully made to keep you comfortable out on the bank.

The simple, easy to use design of the chair is made to keep the user nice and low to the ground. This increases overall stability and adds to your comfort, increasing the weight on the chair and taking the pressure of your body, so you can properly relax after having caught that dream catch.

The Fox Duralite Chair also comes with fully adjustable legs that lock into position, so if you want to raise yourself a little, you can still do so. With this chair, customisation is key, so you can be sure of achieving great results, with this in your tackle. Unlike other chairs on the market that remain at a fixed height, this has fully adjustable legs to you can have your angling experience, your way. With this and a good set of clothing for just in case, you’re well on your way to having a great time out on the bank.

Also featured by this chair are four large swivelling mud feet, to provide that extra little bit of stability and security in your comfort. The mud feet are purposefully built to keep the chair stable on various different types of terrain, and possess a swivelling capacity to keep that level of customisation with your chair, so you can be both comfortable and secure in your sitting.

Unlike many other chairs on the market, the Fox Duralite Chair also features arm rests in addition to the rest of the features designed with your comfort in mind. These, along with the enveloping design and low centre of gravity included in the chair’s design, mean that you can really kick back and relax.

With a construction made of Duralite Magnesium alloy, all this comfort comes at a surprisingly light weight, weighing in at only just 3.2kg. This exceptionally easy to handle chair comes with huge amount of comfort, making it true value for money, and ensuring that you’re not going to be struggling to carry this chair with you.

Compact, lightweight and easy to handle whilst delivering plenty on the comfort scale, the Fox Duralite Chair has been rated to 180kg. Further specifications as follows:

Fox is a quality brand that has consistently delivered reliable, effective equipment for anglers that want their tackle to pack a punch. The Fox Duralite Chair is no exception, being light whilst boasting a robust, comfortable design that you can modify to suit you as you want it to. With all this included as well as plenty of comfort for you, this is one chair that you’ll be more than happy to add to your tackle - soon you’ll be wondering how on earth you coped without it.

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