Fox R-Series 2 Man Dinner Set-Procastangling

Fox R-Series 2 Man Dinner Set

Chub Screw-On Gas Stove-Procastangling

Chub Screw-On Gas Stove

Chub 3 Piece Cookset

- Set contains
- 2.2L pot, 7.5" frying pan 1.4L kettle & Towel
- Made of aluminium and silicone
- High quality and anti-scratch
- Non-stick coating
- Very compact and easy carrying
- All in one packaging

The Chub 3 Piece Cook Set is perfect for cooking on the go, this compact and reliable kit is ideal for camping or fishing and has the fundamental pieces required for cooking outdoors.

This cookware set includes two 2L pots, a 7.5” frying pan and a large 1.4L kettle. Each item is made from durable and strong aluminium with scratch resistant coatings for long lasting use.

The pots and the pan include a non-stick coating and the design makes these cookware items incredibly compact and easy to transport. The handles on all the pots and the pan are able to fold away and conveniently stack together for effortless storage.

The Chub 3 Piece Cook Set is supplied in a mesh bag with a drawstring closure and offers excellent value for money.

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