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Wychwood Wader Bag

- Easy transportation and convenient storage
- Neoprene change mat
- Wading boot storage
- Rod holders
- Pan net storage

The Wychwood Wader Bag allows for easy and convenient transportation due to the unique, registered folding system.

Storage and drying processes are easily achieved with waders hung from clips and are able to breathe thanks to the Drop N Dry system.

Conveniently hang the wader bag up to dry by using the cordura hangers or you can use the handle to dry out your waders naturally. This limits mould growth, bad odours and prevents damage.

Featuring a neoprene mat, this allows you to stand on its surface while changing on the bank. On top of that, there is also rod storage and pan net storage.

The Wychwood Wader Bag has a brown/olive colour and offers great value for money.

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