Shakespeare Folding Stool /Cooler Bag-Procastangling

Shakespeare Folding Stool /Cooler Bag

MAP Dual Feeder Reel-Procastangling

MAP Dual Feeder Reel

Wychwood DPF Flourocarbon Coated Mono

- Fluorocarbon coated for proactive sinking properties
- Low memory so that the line
- Follows the contours of the lakebed
- Anti-friction finish for optimum casting potential
- Deep purple UV pigmentation reacts with natural light
- Blends into underwater surroundings
- Offers ultimate line concealment
- 1000m per spool

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Wychwood DPF Flourocarbon Coated Mono, The Ultra-Violet composition of this unique line has been engineered at a molecular level to blend in with UV light to create a natural camouflage.

Anglers been curious about the colour spectrum and how we can use it to our advantage in line concealment for years so, after a lengthy process of research and development with one of Europes premier line manufacturers, Wychwood introduces DPF, a next generation monofilament line that utilises UV light to create a natural camouflage.

Naturally, water appears to have hazy blue colouration due to Ultra-Violet light being prominently present through the water columns so by creating a UV pigmented line it has the ability to adapt to the natural light source present under-water and becomes inconspicuous, blending in perfectly to its natural surroundings.

Essentially, the DPF line series works on the opposite light spectrum principle to the commonly known red line theory - Red line was once said to disappear underwater because its the first colour to disappear on the light spectrum. It turns out thats not 100% factual; the truth is that the red line theory is a misinterpretation of true facts.

Red objects are the first to be absorbed by the light spectrum underwater, but dont disappear - red objects become black and extremely blatant.

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