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Veniard Spigot Bobbin Holder

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Veniard Prepared Fly Tyers Wax

Veniard Rotary Whip Finish Tool

- Simple and effective
- Rotary Whip Finish tool as made popular by Davie McPhail
- Available in small or large

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It's perfectly manageable to whip finish a fly with fingers alone, however many tyers discover using a specially made device advantageous as it will make tighter loops and stop the threads unravellng when used properly.

Types vary but normally a good number whip finish devices contain a straight handle with a hook at one end along with frequently a sprung wire arm.

The Rotary whip finish tool is a fast and easy tool to use.

It can be used by both left and right handed fly dressers.

Just that bit easier to use than the fixed head whip finisher - but give yourself time to get used to it.

Available in a neat standard or longer reach version.

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