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Veniard Squirmy Worm Body

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Veniard Daddy Legs

- One colour: Natural
- Bunch of daddy legs, approx 4cm long
- Perfect for wet and dry Trout flies
- Used as legs on Daddy Long Legs patterns

Daddy Legs are easy to use material for Daddy Long Legs type of flies; they are made from Pheasant Tail and the color is natural and realistic.

The Pheasant Cock Ringneck Daddy Legs are pre-tied single legs with a double knot. Perfect for wet and dry Trout flies, particularly on the daddy long legs patterns.

These Daddy Legs are used for legs on daddy long leg patterns including the Detached Daddy, the Lime Lanky Daddy and the Orange Foam Daddy.

As they are already pre-tied, this makes legs for daddy long leg patterns easier, simpler and saves time for when you are fly tying.

There is a bunch of Pheasant Cock Ringneck Daddy Legs in a pack so you're getting plenty of legs to work with.

Please be aware that they do vary in length but are approximately 4cm long.

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